Personality Development
About the Course
The Indo American Society’s Personality Development programme focuses on you—the participant. Why are some people more
successful than others?

Course Contents  
1. What is Personality? 7. Building a Strong Self-image
2. Understanding Yourself 8. The Art of Solving Problems
3. Overcoming Shyness 9. Developing a Good Self Esteem
4. Developing Good Communication Skills 10. Goal Setting and Planning for the Future
5. Motivation  
6. Listening Skill  

Through a series of group discussions, introspection, games and self analysis, you will discover your inner strengths and learn to project the best in you. You will get insights into how the world views you. You will become radiant, charming and creative. Discover a new YOU through Indo American Society’s course on Personality Development.

Batch Details
Start From Duration Days TIme Fees
20th Feb - 19th Mar 5 Weeks Saturday 2.00pm to 6.00pm Rs.5,920/-
15th Feb to 19th Feb 1 Week Mon to Fri 4.00pm - 8.00pm Rs.5,920/-
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