Our Services

Indo-American Society Services for Institutions in India :

  • Most of the schools & colleges in India are looking for a good institutional partner abroad, Indo-American Society can help your institution to have the right collaboration abroad.

  • Short-term programs, On-campus / Online programs, Internships.

  • Joint study/research initiatives.

  • Participation in the Education Delegation in USA & Abroad.

  • Many of the institutions in India would like to send their faculties to an abroad institution for a shorter duration. IAS can help.

  • Consultancy support in variety of areas.

  • Soft skill training programs offered by IAS.

Indo-American Society Services for Foreign Institutions :

  • Proper communication channel,

  • Marketing Assistance,

  • Personal Visits in India,

  • Visa Support, Regular Updates or Market Intelligence,

  • Local Reputation / Accreditation Information,

  • Flexible Contract Agreements, Overall Government Support.

  • High School Tour (IB/International/ICSE/CBSE/Reputed Schools)

  • Engineering Schools Tour

  • Management / Hospitality / Healthcare schools tour

For more information, please email your requirements on – corporate@indoamericansociety.org